Fantasy basketball is growing by leaps and bounds because of how interactive it happens to be. With games happening every night during the season, you always have some kind of action to follow when you have an active team.

If you’re ready to experiment with this sporting option, then these are the best fantasy basketball sites to use right now that will help you step up your game.

#1. CBS Sports

This website brings you an interactive live chat option that is incomparable to anything else found in the fantasy basketball industry right now. You can speak with your league members through this mechanism for free at any time. That makes your teams and divisions become more interactive, which makes this game a lot more fun to play every day. You can get started for free right now. 

#2. ESPN Fantasy Basketball

You will want to use this website if the emphasis of your fantasy basketball efforts involved up-to-date scoring and accurate statistics. This site provides you with a live scoring ticker directly placed on their primary pages while you get to keep watching the game from your television or primary screen. This structure makes it possible to follow the data instead of dealing with commercials or picture-in-picture options.


If you want to take your fantasy basketball experience to the next level, then you might as well go straight to the lead source. The National Basketball Association offers plenty of data on the players, statistics, and television schedules that go beyond what any other website on this list provides. You will be able to take your game days seriously because this site assumes from the start that you’re a hardcore fan. There are no cheat sheets here. You must do all of the work to create your success.

#4. RotoWorld

NBC Sports powers this fantasy basketball website. You will find numerous variations for your league format that can help you and your buddies create the best possible experience. There are full-season leagues from which to choose, along with weekly or daily options. You were also in charge of the rules for your league, which means you get to decide how many players are on each roster or how points are scored. If you don’t like the standard format offered by this industry, then this is the place for you. Just remember that it isn’t free.

#5. Yahoo Sports

You will want to choose this fantasy basketball website if interactive media is your first priority. There are plenty of visual goodies to find here, including tons of videos, to help you figure out each game day lineup. You will have access to free leagues, daily highlights, and even instant replays as you keep track of your points.

Fantasy sports are quickly growing in popularity because of their interactive design and competitive formats. Get your friends together, start a new basketball league this year, and use these sites to help make sure everyone can have a great time!