If you love to play fantasy football with your friends, then these are the apps that will help you get your game to the next level.

#1. Draft Dominator

This fantasy football app offers you more information than you can reasonably use over an entire season. You’ll find access to game scores, player updates, depth charts, rankings, projections, and much more. You could even filter the data to meet your exact needs for whatever is going on during that week of the season for you. It won’t host a fantasy league, but it will help you win one.

#2. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

This fantasy football app might be aging, but it is also still one of the best around. Its primary service is as a league application, though it will give you access to mock drafts, expert analysis, and statistical updates. If you like to play fantasy sports in other leagues, then download this one to play basketball, baseball, and hockey too. It will also help you to manage your roster, make trades, or pick up waivers.

#3. numberFire

What makes this a fantastic fantasy football app is its ability to create auction values and custom rankings to create the ultimate cheat sheet. The internal ranking mechanisms look at the projected fantasy points of each player compared to the replacement cost you would have in your league or team. It also gives you complete control when managing these lists and integrating profiles. You receive real-time news about selected players, updates on the season, and plenty of fantasy data with which to work.

#4. RotoWire Kit

This app offers a dynamic cheat sheet which automatically adjusts to the settings that are in your league. You gain access to individual player assessments, predictions for the upcoming football season, depth charts, and pretty much anything else you can imagine in the world of fantasy football. You can even mark specific players as sleepers for your team if you wish. There are defensive player rankings and more in one of the easiest fantasy apps to use for Apple devices today.

#5. ESPN Fantasy Sports

Even though this is the fantasy football app that people love to hate, it’s also one of the most popular that is used for each season. There are questionable tools and resources available to you in terms of overall quality after downloading, but it looks good and gives you decent information that can help you form the foundation of a winning fantasy team. It tends to work best if you pair it with one of the other options on this list to get a well-rounded look at the upcoming season. You can’t beat the fact that it is free either.

If you love to play fantasy football on a competitive level, then data is your best friend. These apps will help you make sure that you can dominate your league from draft day to the finals to win whatever prize is available for you. Even if that means all you get are bragging rights.