When you compete in NASCAR, then the advice which comes from crew chiefs, team owners, and veterans is the same: you must always race the racetrack.

There are tracks in NASCAR which are old, while there are some that are new. Some races are tougher on the equipment than others. There are places where your tires will get eaten up faster.

Then there are the NASCAR tracks which are robust in every way. These are the ones that make history because of the challenges they present. 

#1 Infineon Raceway

Street driving is always tough on NASCAR teams. Your equipment is designed to go straight, and then turn left. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of bumping and grinding on the small track where drivers are flat-out wrecking one another. If you’re in the starting field at this track, then you have a chance to win the race.

#2. Darlington

This historic venue never seems to get any easier. Drivers prefer the racing groove that is right around the top of the track. If you want to create a successful pass, then you must bomb down underneath and hope for the best. Most drivers end up seeing the right side of their vehicles trashed because of all the wall impacts that occur.

#3. Richmond

This race track is interesting for NASCAR because it’s ½ a short track and the other half an aerodynamic track. There is a balance of temper and downward force which must combine to create a successful driving experience. If your vehicle isn’t handling well, then there’s a good chance you won’t be finishing this race.

#4. Daytona

The granddaddy of them all is still a tough place to win a race. When you add in the two-car drafting habits that have developed in recent years, it gets even worse. You’re not going to win if you don’t have a partner to help you out here. Trying to figure out who will work with you, or who wants to take advantage of you, becomes a challenge that no game of chess could ever prepare you to manage.

#5. Pocono

This track only offers three turns, so it earns the nickname of the “Tricky Triangle.” Each corner is different, but that doesn’t mean you slow down. Cars are traveling 200mph, which leaves little room for error. It is rare that a driver has a vehicle which works well in each turn. Whoever wins this race tends to be the one that can manage the one turn their car doesn’t like in the best possible way.

#6. Indianapolis

Your car chews up its tires when racing here. Part of the reason is due to the age of the track. There’s also the issue of the right tire needing more strength than the others because of the wear patterns that happen to the vehicle. If you push too hard on it, then you’re going to smash into the wall at some point during the race.

What are your favorite races to watch during the NASCAR circuit each year?