If you want to find success in the NFL, then you must have a quarterback who knows how to read the game. Just ask franchises like the Chicago Bears or the Cleveland Browns what it is like to play football when there is no consistency with this position.

There have been a lot of great players who took snaps as quarterbacks over the years. Names like Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Steve Young, and Peyton Manning come to mind when talking about the best of all time.

These under-rated quarterbacks should make that list too.

#1. Drew Brees

Brees is racking up records left and right with his consistent play in the NFL. His statistics are getting better as he is getting older. If this trend continues, he will retire as the eighth-best in quarterback rating and the second-best in completion percentage in history. You won’t find a better candidate for the Hall of Fame one day than him.

#2. Dan Fouts

It would be fair to say that this quarterback came to the NFL about two decades too soon. He led the San Diego Chargers in a modern offense which highlighted fast yards and an up-tempo approach which allowed him to gain over 43,000 passing yards. No QB who began their career before 1975 averaged 200 yards per game, but Fouts averaged 238.

#3. Fran Tarkenton

This quarterback ranks in the top 10 for passing yards and passing touchdowns, but he rarely makes it into the conversation for the best of all time. Tarkenton was one of the first real double-threat QBs to play the game, averaging over 5 yards per rush during his career. He also finished 34 game-winning drives, placing him ahead of Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana for that statistics.

#4. Kurt Warner

He might have been in the league for 11 years, playing Arena Football and stocking shelves at grocery stores in his youth instead of being in the NFL, but that doesn’t change the impact he had on the game. Captaining an offense called “The Greatest Show on Turf,” Warner never completed less than 62% of his passes during a season where he started 10+ games. Even at the age of 37, he almost got the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl after a 9-7 regular season finish.

#5. Warren Moon

Moon didn’t join the NFL until his seventh year of playing professional football. He went to the Houston Oilers in 1984 after spending six seasons with Edmonton in the CFL. Warren threw for 4,200 yards or more four times after turning 34, started 15 games for the Seattle Seahawks at the age of 41, and even had the best yards-per-game average that year. If you combine his statistics from Canada with his NFL numbers, he would rank second all-time for passing yards.

Are there quarterbacks that you feel are underrated that deserve to be on this list? Names like Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, or Drew Bledsoe? Tell us what you think!